Alberta Industries

To stimulate development and growth in Alberta's industries, Alberta government and industry leaders have developed key business development initiatives in a number of areas.

Aerospace and defence
Alberta is highly regarded for its capabilities in the aerospace and defence industry, and Alberta companies offer a wide range of aerospace goods and services.
Alberta’s food and beverage products are made to meet high standards and have an international reputation for quality. Alberta is the third largest producer and exporter of agri-food products in Canada.  
Building products and technologies
Alberta’s building products and technologies industry has gained a worldwide reputation, particularly in the areas of cold-weather construction and green building technologies.  
Engineering and construction 
Alberta's engineering and construction industry contributes significantly to the Alberta GDP, through its development and application of engineering and construction technologies, project management skills, and its long-established excellence in civil, mechanical, municipal and environmental disciplines.
Environmental products and services
Alberta is well known for its natural beauty. The environmental products and services sector helps preserve this legacy through its commitment to sustainability.
Financial services
Alberta’s financial services industry is a critical part of the growth, scalability and productivity of the province’s traditional and emerging industrial sectors.
Industrial manufacturing
Alberta is one of Canada’s major industrial manufacturing centres. Thanks to a strong demand from Alberta’s energy sector, there are a number of opportunities for the province’s industrial manufacturing companies.
Information and communication technologies
Alberta has a large, sophisticated and growing information and communications technology (ICT) industry with an international reputation for innovation. Alberta’s robust ICT sector has enabled growth across all sectors of Alberta’s economy.
Life sciences
Alberta is emerging as a dynamic location for expanding life sciences industries. Award winning researchers, outstanding infrastructure, and innovative company developments are the core elements of this growing sector.
Oil and gas
Alberta’s technologies and services are in demand all over the world. Although fossil fuels still dominate the world energy mix, higher environmental and regulatory standards are challenging the industry to find new and improved ways to enhance productivity.
Refining, petrochemicals and biochemicals
Few people know that Alberta is a leading petrochemical manufacturing province, home to four major ethylene plants with a combined annual production capacity of four million tons.
Renewable Energy
The time to grow the renewable energy sector in Alberta has arrived. Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan has provided the momentum to push this sector to new heights as the province moves toward renewable energy from sources like wind, solar power, hydro-electric and biomass.
Alberta's tourism industry dates back to 1885. Today, tourism is one of the leading industries in the province, supported by a range of tourism, hospitality and service-related businesses that cater to Albertans and visitors.
Logistics and market access
Alberta has one of the best transportation systems in Canada, and is well served by road, air, rail and pipeline. The province’s transportation systems provide effective and efficient movement of commodities and passengers.
Industry reports 
A list of cross-sector industry reports highlighting market opportunities and the state of Alberta's industries.
Meet the experts series 
The Government of Alberta's Meet the Experts series is a platform for knowledge transfer in which industry experts are invited to speak to government on the challenges and opportunities faced by Alberta industries.

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