Alberta Export Success Stories

Alberta companies have long been successful in exporting their products and services. Here are jus ta few recent Alberta export success stories:

Ceapro Inc.
Albertan biotechnology company, Ceapro Inc., supplies skin care companies with an innovative ingredient from oats. The company is researching a new oats. The company is researching a new oat variety with properties that can be used in other health products, to be grown by Alberta farmers. Their products are exported around the world.

Little Potato Company
Alberta-based Little Potato Company markets its products across North America and has expanded its product across North America and has expanded its operations outside Alberta's borders as well.

Agriculture and Agri-food
Alberta's and agri-food industry is well positioned to take advantage of opportunities in export markets. Asia is key region of focus for many exporters of meat and crop-based products, livestock genetics and agricultural technology and equipment.