Expanding your exports

If your company already has export experience but would like to expand into new markets or find new customers, there are resources to help you build on your export success. The following services can help you increase your visibility in foreign markets.

Alberta International Offices (AIOs)

The international offices play a vital role in strengthening Alberta's presence around the world, and they develop important business relationships worldwide through their trade promotion and investment attraction initiatives. They are ready to help your company pursue your international business goals.
For more information, visit: Alberta International Offices 

International Financial Institutions (IFIs)

International Financial Institutions (IFIs) are formal international lending agencies that operate across country boundaries. Their development projects can facilitate new export and investment opportunities for Alberta companies.

  • They help promote entrepreneurship and foster trade within foreign markets.
  • They are the largest source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries, stimulating economic growth and development.
  • They can play an integral role in the development of international activities for Alberta's private sector.

Government of Alberta provides Alberta businesses with:

  • Access to information on projects financed by IFIs
  • Market intelligence and key contacts for IFIs
  • Seminars to help Alberta companies in expanding their export horizons
  • For more information, visit: International Financial Institutions

International Sales and Marketing

Increase your visibility in foreign markets to help your business thrive.

Canadian Company Capabilities
Register on this free promotional database of over 60,000 Canadian companies. This database is used by domestic and foreign buyers lookin for Canadian businesses.

Canada Business: Selling to foreign governments
Expand your market by selling your goods and services to the United States, Australia and other foreign governments.