Canadian requirements

The Canada Border Services Agency provides a number of resources to businesses to help them meet the requirements for exporting goods and services.

Reporting your exports
There are reporting requirements you must follow to meet your obligations under the Customs Act.
Export documentation
When reporting your exports, you must submit an export declaration using one of four methods.
Other government department requirements
Determine if the goods you are exporting are controlled, prohibited or regulated. If so, they may require a permit under legislation of other government departments.
Publications and forms
Download forms, guides and export publications.
Customs Tariff
Find classification numbers for the goods you wish to export.
Canada and the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Understand the implications of NAFTA on your export business.
Exporting to the United States
The Government of Canada provides a downloadable resource that gives you information, tips and resources to help you succeed more quickly and easily in the U.S. market.