Caspian Region

Map of Caspian Region

General Overview

The Caspian region includes the following states:

For detailed information about the Caspian Region’s economy, political system and history, visit the Caspian Sea Region.

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Sector opportunities for Alberta businesses interested in exporting their products

  • Architecture, engineering and construction: The main opportunities in the Caspian Region exist in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Iran. Numerous internal pipelines are planned for Iran and Kazakhstan, while Azerbaijan is proposing itself as a hub and transfer point for oil and gas transportation to Europe. Iran is still planning the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline.

  • Kazakhstan is negotiating with China for a number of pipelines. Iran is planning seven petrochemical plants, while all three countries will be looking to upgrade and expand their refining capabilities.

  • Industrial machinery and equipment: There are opportunities in all aspects of the oil and gas sector, although both Kazakhstan and Iran have strict local content regulations. Specific opportunities exist in seismic, down-hole tools, pumps and valves. Service companies are in great demand, as are all aspects of training programs.

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