Temporary admission

The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that is used for temporary importation of certain goods into a country, duty-free and tax-free. For example:

  • Sales and manufacturing businesses that want to bring sample wares to show potential customers
  • Entertainers, media and sports teams who are bringing their professional equipment with them

It is valid for one year and simplifies customs procedures and paperwork.

The Canada Customs Y38A

The Canada Customs Y38A is another method to verify temporary exportation of goods into the U.S.

  • It is for use with samples, prototypes, tools of the trade and similar products.
  • The products must be either manufactured in Canada or lawfully imported into Canada, and intended for return.
  • The form can be obtained at the airport before you depart.

It permits the duty-free and tax-free importation of goods into foreign countries during its one-year validity, simplifies customs procedures, reduces business costs and saves time and paperwork.