United Arab Emirates

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General Overview


5,148,664 (July 2011 est.)

GDP (purchasing power parity):

US $199.8 billion (2010 est.)

GDP per capita (PPP):

US $40,200 (2010 est.)

GDP (real growth rate):

2.6% (2010 est.)


  • Petroleum and petrochemicals
  • Fishing
  • Aluminum
  • Cement
  • Fertilizers
  • Commercial ship repair
  • Construction materials
  • Some boat building handicrafts
  • Textiles


US $159 billion (2010 est.)

Import commodities:

  • Machinery and transport equipment
  • Chemicals
  • Food


US $195.8 billion (2010 est.)

Export commodities:

  • Crude oil 45%
  • Natural gas
  • Re-exports
  • Dried fish
  • Dates

Alberta's exports to UAE:

CAN $186.7 million (2010)

Alberta's main exports to UAE:

  • Canola
  • Boring or sinking machinery and parts
  • Wheat
  • Engine parts
  • Parts for surveying instruments
  • Prefabricated buildings
  • Taps, cocks, valves
  • Manostats
  • Ventilating or air/gas recycling hoods
  • Winches or captsans
  • Sorbitol
  • Motor vehicles (non-transport purposes)
  • Mechanical front end shovel loaders
  • Distilling or rectifying plant
  • Metal office furniture
  • Other machinery and parts

Canada's main exports to UAE:

  • Canola
  • Gold
  • Airplanes and aircraft
  • Lentils
  • Wheat
  • Ground flying trainers
  • Parts of boring or sinking machinery

Information about United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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Alberta-UAE relations

Political power is concentrated in Abu Dhabi, which controls the vast majority of the UAE's economic and resource wealth.

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Sector opportunities for Alberta businesses interested in exporting their products

  • Architecture/construction/engineering services: Alberta firms already have a strong competitive presence in the UAE. Excellent opportunities exist in both the petroleum sector and the private sector. Within the next ten years, $2.5 billion USD will be spent on expanding a number of plants and growing onshore gas development. In the private sector, the hotel industry demonstrates continued strength, with the proposed construction and renovation of up to 15 new 5-star hotels.

  • Construction equipment: There is a demand for heavy construction, road construction and earth moving equipment. In particular, self-propelled bulldozers, front-end shovel loaders, fork lift trucks, bulldozers and angel dozers, boring or sinking machinery, tamping machines and graders are needed.

  • Oil and gas equipment and services: Development of natural gas fields remains a priority as the demand for natural gas is expected to increase by 70% over the next four years. The UAE claims 100 million barrels of oil, and it has 6.5 trillion cubic metres of proven gas reserves. The United Arab Emirates Offsets Group (UOG) is in discussions with a number of potential regional and international partners in a major strategic initiative to develop a comprehensive gas supply and infrastructure system in the Gulf region. This is the largest initiative of its kind ever undertaken in the Middle East and one of the largest in the world. Advanced negotiations with several potential commercial partners to develop gas extraction and supply are ongoing and additional partnership opportunities are being sought. In addition, the state-owned Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is continuing to pursue major gas projects to satisfy this demand. As a result, the demand for oilfield services and equipment is anticipated to grow at an annual rate of 10%. Providers of new and innovative equipment and services will be required as the modernization and expansion of the oil and gas industry continues. There is particular interest in sour gas technology and Alberta is a leader in that field.

    The best prospects for this sector are: line pipe for oil and gas, casing, tubing, drilling pipe, drilling and boring machinery and tools, pumps, oil and gas separation equipment, drilling equipment, pipeline equipment, drilling chemicals, pipeline construction equipment, mining engineering services and petrochemical engineering services. Opportunities also exist in the LNG industry, such as control valves/ safety valves and systems, mechanical seals/ pressure seals, gaskets, general service pumps, booster compressors, high pressure separators, heat exchangers/ cryogenic exchangers, filters and cartridges.

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