About the industry

Alberta has a strong foothold in aerospace and defence. The industry contributes $1.3 billion in revenue annually to the provincial economy, is home to 170 aerospace and aviation companies, and employs over 6,000 highly skilled Albertans. It is recognized world-wide for its expertise within niche areas like robotics and unmanned vehicle systems, defence electronics, and space science and geomatics.

Industry fast facts

  • Annual revenues are over $1.3 billion, with 40% of production destined to export markets
  • Universities have leading expertise in space science and close ties with the Canadian Space Agency
  • Alberta has a significant military presence with three immense instrumented weapons ranges
  • DRDC Suffield is internationally recognized for its R&D in chemical and biological defence

Industry overviews

Areas of expertise

Alberta's aerospace and defence industry sector can be thought of as five closely interrelated, yet distinct sector niches. To learn more about Alberta’s aerospace and defence strengths, see: