Logistic support to the military

Alberta offers unique advantages and opportunities for defence companies; including excellent flying weather; some of the best instrumented test ranges in the world; and a strong federal defence research and development capability. As a result, four of the most important military bases in Canada are located in Alberta:

  • Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Edmonton is home to the headquarters of both Land Force Western Area and Joint Task Force West;
  • 4 Wing Cold Lake is the Canadian premier fighter aircraft training facility:
  • CFB Wainwright is the Canadian Army’s training centre for excellence:
  • CFB Suffield is the largest military training area in the Commonwealth:

In addition to the bases, other significant military presence in eastern Alberta includes the British Army Training Unit (BATUS) located at Suffield; Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) at Suffield; and the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment at Cold Lake.

These bases provide room for large scale maneuvers by international militaries, and are essential to providing pre-deployment training to the Canadian Forces .

Thinking outside the tank

Although goods and services are procured through national and even international sources, recent successes in Alberta government-provided procurement seminars, which educate and assist local businesses, have increased the number of local suppliers to the Department of National Defence (DND).

To find out more about procurement opportunities in Alberta, watch “Thinking Outside the Tank”: