Manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MMRO)

Alberta-based companies provide maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification of both military and commercial aircraft, including: avionics; airframes; engines; equipment and component parts; interior refurbishment; and, aircraft painting. Aerospace manufacturing is a technologically advanced industry that produces various components such as aircraft parts, aircraft engines, propulsion units and related parts. Alberta's aerospace manufacturing industry is generally made up of small companies that create highly specialized products.

This niche has experienced strain in recent years as major companies and air forces recapitalize their fleets to newer aircraft with more complex systems, requiring more qualified technicians and an increase in component replacement rather than in location repair. Additional stress is placed on Alberta companies by the rising prevalence of lower-priced MMRO services from companies in southeast Asia. However, as some companies are leaving the MMRO niche in Alberta, new entries are being made by companies interested in exploiting their excess capacity.