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Industry fast facts

  • Nationally, Alberta represented almost 18% ($10.0 billion) of Canadian total agri-food exports of $56.5 billion in 2016, and was the third largest exporter of agri-food products after Saskatchewan and Ontario.

  • Alberta's manufacturing industries employed 115,500 persons in 2016. The largest segment was made up of food and beverage manufacturing workers at 22,400 or 19.4% of the total.

  • Preliminary estimates for 2016 indicate that Alberta’s food and beverage processing industries represented the largest manufacturing sector in the province accounting for 23.3% or $14.6 billion of total manufactured goods ($62.6 billion). Chemical manufacturing ranked second at 21.1% or $13.2 billion. Petroleum and coal product manufacturing industries ranked third at 20.3% or $12.7 billion. Alberta is the third largest food and beverage producing province (13.0%) in Canada.

  • 62.3% of Alberta’s food and beverage manufacturing industries in 2016 was concentrated in two segments: meat product manufacturing and grain and oilseed milling.

Alberta Food Manufacturing

  • Alberta's food and beverage products have high standards and a reputation for safety and quality.

  • In 2016, 53.9% of food manufacturing sales (excluding beverages) was concentrated in the meat product manufacturing segment.

Alberta Agri-food exports

  • In 2016, Alberta total agri-food exports were $10.0 billion, marginally lower than the 2015 record of $10.2 billion. Reduced exports of major grains combined with weaker prices contributed to the decline. The overall decline was moderated by an increase in value added products.

  • Value added exports rose for third consecutive year, up about 5.0% to $5.04 billion, and accounted for 50.4% of the total.

  • Exports of primary commodities (animals and crops) fell about 8.0% to $4.96 billion, representing 49.6% of Alberta’s total agri-food exports.


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