International Relations and Marketing

For information on exporting agriculture and food products or importing from Alberta, contact the International Relations and Marketing Section of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

Annalisa Baer, Director, International Relations and Marketing Section

Albert Eringfeld, Manager, East Asia and Oceania

Grant Winton, Manager, Central and South Asia, Middle East and Africa

Paola Zaragoza, Manager, Americas and European Union

The International Relations and Marketing Section offers a range of services to agriculture and food businesses to assist them in exporting to international markets. These services include:

  • Providing market intelligence regarding market opportunities and emerging agri-food trends and issues.
  • Consulting on how to market products to export markets.
  • Assisting in business facilitation between Alberta and foreign companies including identifying opportunities, understanding business culture, and complying with export processes.
  • Assisting companies traveling to key markets, particularly in introducing key contacts and arranging programs.
  • Advocating for improved market access for Alberta’s agriculture and food products.

The International Relations and Marketing Section works closely with Alberta’s international offices, located in key Asian, European and North American markets.

Investment Attraction

For information on investment, contact, the Investment Attraction Section.

Mario Orellana, Investment Officer

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry provides information and assistance to companies interested in establishing in Alberta or to investors considering capital investment in Alberta's agri-food processing industry. This includes:

  • Providing information on investment opportunities and the advantages of doing business in Alberta.
  • Assisting Alberta industry and investors who are are seeking alliance partners, joint ventures, or sources of capital.
  • Coordinating investors’ visits to Alberta to meet with government and private company representatives.
  • Providing information and analysis for emerging investment projects at various stages of planning and development.

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