About the industry

With annual sales of $9 billion, Alberta's building products industry is one of the largest and strongest in the province and has earned a reputation for excellence, particularly in the area of cold-weather construction. Alberta’s building products and technologies sector is made up of over 1,200 listed companies employing more than 33,000 people who manufacture a variety of commodity and value-added products. Most of these companies are small to medium size businesses specializing in custom work and leading edge technology.

Industry Fast Facts - 2016

  • Annual revenues: $8.7 billion
  • Value of annual exports: $1.6 billion
  • Number of companies: 1,192
  • Direct Employees: 30,500

Areas of expertise

The areas where Alberta's building products and technologies industry excels and sees the greatest potential for growth are:

Green Building Technologies:
The "green" trend will likely be more prevalent in coming years and present opportunities for manufacturers of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs), on-demand hot water tanks, high-efficiency heating systems, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), fibre-cement products, foam and cellulose insulation, etc.
Building Information Modeling (BIM):
Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a new approach to building project delivery that uses data to create an information-rich model of a facility to improve the design, construction, pre-fabrication and operation of the facility. Successfully implemented projects show significant benefits, including improved design quality, improved field productivity, cost predictability, reduced conflicts and associated changes, and reduced construction costs and duration.
Dimensional softwood lumber, engineered wood products, and composite building products:
The Alberta forest sector has a sustainable supply of high-quality fibre, the result of superior forest management practices and a stable and transparent tenure and regulatory system. Over 77% of Alberta forest lands are third-party certified under one or more of three internationally recognized standards for sustainable forest management – Forest Stewardship Council, Canadian Standards Association, and Sustainable Forest Initiative. Additionally, the Alberta forest sectors’ own certification standard – ForestCare provides further assurance of the work done by participating producers.
Read more about dimensional softwood lumber, engineered wood products, and composite building products at Alberta Wood Products.
Alberta's insulation manufacturers produce a wide variety of insulation products.
Roofing shingles:
Roofing shingles produced by Alberta companies are known for their quality, durability and innovation. Some Alberta companies are manufacturing shingles from recycled tires.
PVC windows:
Alberta PVC window manufacturers have state-of-the-art facilities and a reputation for creating products of an exceptional quality.
Energy efficient building envelopes:
Alberta temperature extremes provide an ideal setting for perfecting building envelopes that maximize energy use. Alberta companies have the expertise to ensure a building retains heat in the winter, remains cool in the summer, and uses energy wisely and cost-effectively.
Pre-manufactured components production trend:
The trend towards assembling pre-manufactured components on site is creating opportunities for the production of wall, roof and floor systems and is shifting demand away from primary products such as dimensional lumber and OSB panels which are used in traditional "stick-built" construction. This in turn is reducing the variability in house quality and lessening the need for trades people at the building site.