Research and development

Alberta Biomaterials Development Centre

The Alberta Biomaterials Development Centre is a $15-million investment by partners Advanced Education and Technology through the Alberta Life Sciences Institute, Agriculture and Rural Development, Sustainable Resource Development and Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures. ABDC provides industry with access to a network of highly qualified staff, expertise and specialized equipment for the rapid and effective development of biomaterials, biochemicals and bioenergy. The ABDC network extends beyond just equipment and researchers; it advances the projects of industry clients by guiding them to government and/or partner services.

Alberta Innovates

Alberta Innovates (formerly known as the Alberta Research Council) has created an ecosystem of innovation, from scientists involved in basic research to businesses and entrepreneurs who want to invest in ideas and transform them into products and services to be marketed globally. Under the banner of Alberta Innovates, the Alberta government has created 5 new organizations that are building on Alberta's strengths in the health, energy and environment, technology and bio sectors. The new agencies are funded by the Alberta government to be catalysts of innovation. They are well networked. They are increasing accessibility and nurturing partnerships. They are empowering people to find solutions to some of society's greatest challenges, like climate change, pine beetles, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), water and soil conservation and health research challenges from Alzheimer's disease to West Nile Virus.

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

Green Building Technologies is a research initiative that brings SAIT Polytechnic together with industry partners devoted to the identification and development of environmentally friendly products, programs, systems and services to fundamentally change the construction of buildings.