Industry stakeholders

Green building organizations 

  • Alberta WaterSMART: Alberta WaterSMART is a not for profit society dedicated to the improvement of water management awareness, technologies and practices in Alberta. Alberta WaterSMART is committed to improving water management through better technologies and practices and is implementing a collaborative model in which our programs are supported through public and private partnerships, with participation from the public and private sectors, business and industry groups and associations, watershed stewardship groups, other environmental communities of interest and dedicated individuals.
  • Built Green Canada: Built Green is an industry driven voluntary program that promotes "green" building practices to reduce the impact that building has on the environment. It benefits the homebuyer, the community and the environment and is an opportunity for everyone to choose a "green" future.
  • Canadian Green Building Council - Alberta Chapter: The Canada Green Building Council Alberta Chapter specializes in leading and accelerating the transformation to high-performing, healthy green buildings, homes and communities throughout Alberta. The goals are to certify 10,000 commercial / institutional buildings and 100,000 homes by 2012, achieve zero impact from buildings and communities by 2030 and the Alberta Chapter will work towards becoming a 'carbon-neutral' organization by 2009.
  • Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CHMC): CMHC works to enhance Canada's housing finance options, assist Canadians who cannot afford housing in the private market, improve building standards and housing construction, and provide policymakers with the information and analysis they need to sustain a vibrant housing market in Canada.
  • Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA): The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) is a non-profit trade association that promotes the appropriate development and application of all aspects of wind energy in Canada, including the creation of a suitable policy environment. Established in 1984, CanWEA represents the wind energy community — organizations and individuals who are directly involved in the development and application of wind energy technology, products and services. CanWEA members are Canada’s wind energy leaders. They are wind energy owners, operators, manufacturers, project developers, consultants, and service providers, and other organizations and individuals interested in supporting Canada’s wind energy industry.
  • Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group: The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling, Business Group provides industry leadership advice, guidance, business marketing and industry support to current and future business associates in the development of the Alberta and Canadian Wood recycling, Bioeconomy industry.
  • Clean Air Strategic Alliance: The Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) was established in March 1994 as a new way to manage air quality issues in Alberta. CASA, a non-profit association, is a multi-stakeholder partnership, composed of representatives selected by industry, government and non-government organizations. Stakeholders are committed to developing and applying a comprehensive air quality management system for all Albertans. All participants of the CASA consensus-based model work towards a shared vision and mission.  
  • Solar Energy Society of Alberta: The Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA) was formed in 1976 as the Northern Alberta Chapter of the Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc. (SESCI-NAC) to advance the awareness, understanding and use of solar energy as well as other renewable energy and conservation technologies. They are located in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Provincial and regional associations

National associations