Building products and technologies

Alberta's building products and technologies industry is made up of over 1,200 firms. These firms – mostly small to medium size businesses specializing in custom work and leading edge technology – manufacture a wide variety of commodity and value-added products and components.

Alberta's building products and technologies industry has gained a worldwide reputation, particularly in the areas of cold-weather construction and green building technologies. This reflects the high priority that industry and the Alberta government have placed on quality, energy conservation and making efficient use of sustainable resources.

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About the industry

Want to learn about the industry? Access basic information and statistics on Alberta’s Building products industry and its subsectors.

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Want to do business with the industry? Learn what opportunities are available by attending industry events and conferences, and accessing purchasing and procurement opportunities and exporting information.

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Industry stakeholders

Want to know who’s who in the industry? See our list of building products associations.

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Green building products and technologies

This industry is ripe for expansion due to rising demands for higher standards in building construction. Learn about green opportunities, government initiatives and rebate programs, green product directories, and financing options for Alberta companies.

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