Best practices in project management

The Government of Alberta has a compiled a list of publications, information centres, training and professional development courses, toolkits, and benchmarks for best practices in project management. If you or your organization has a contribution to this list, please contact: Patricia Armitage.

Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education(

Alberta Major Projects List

The Alberta Major Projects list is produced by Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education to assist firms in identifying potential supply opportunities. It lists projects in Alberta valued at $5 million or greater that are planned, underway, or have recently been completed. Project data is obtained from public information sources. 

Alberta Centre of Excellence for BIM

Alberta Centre of Excellence for BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a new approach to design, construction, and facility management in which a digital representation of the building process is used to facilitate the exchange and interoperability of information in digital format (BIM Handbook). It requires collaboration and standard information exchanges by different stakeholders in all phases of the construction process, and is a streamlined approach to the construction process which increases productivity, improves design coordination, increases information sharing, and reduces waste.

Canadian Construction Association (CCA)

Gold Seal Certification Program

The CCA Gold Seal Certification Program is a national certification program for construction Project Managers, Superintendents, Estimators and Owners’ Project Managers. The Gold Seal Certificate is a declaration of skill and competence that is recognized by the construction industry across the country. The Certificate will enhance mobility and professional development of construction managers.

Construction Industry Institute (CII)

CII Benchmarking & Metrics program

The CII Benchmarking & Metrics program provides the means for members to compare their capital and maintenance projects with the “best in class.” CII members and academia have collaborated to produce Best Practices to improve the cost effectiveness of capital facility project execution. The mission of CII Benchmarking & Metrics is to quantify this value and to provide assessment to participants.


Benchmarking Opportunities:

  • Project-level, confidential Key Report with scores and benchmark comparisons
  • Industry reports
  • Funded studies


Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA)

COAA Alberta Major Projects Benchmarking Program

COAA, in conjunction with the Construction Industry Institute is creating a "Made for Alberta" benchmarking database that will help COAA members develop more efficient construction processes for major industrial projects.

Workforce Development Library

This is the library where people can access all reference documents and various templates & samples related to productivity in the construction industry.

Essential Skills Toolkit

Tools for essential skill training in Alberta.This guide was developed to help those workers who are stakeholders in the construction industry and need assistance with the acquisition of essential skills (reading, writing and math), thereby ensuring a more competitive, safer and efficient construction industry. The guide covers areas such as: what are essential skills, dispelling the myths about essential skills, profiles of training organizations, effective reading in context (ERIC) and working in numeracy (WIN) programs.  

Apprenticeship Best Practices Booklet - A Guide For On-The-Job Learning

This guide was developed to help the development of apprentices in Alberta. The booklet aims to enhance the on-the-job portion of apprenticeship learning so that both the apprentice and journey person can have positive learning experiences. The booklet covers such things as: roles & goals, teacher & learner roles, managing the blue book, safety, achieving professionalism, attending technical training, best practices checklist and commentary on contact resources.  

COAA Foreman Skills Development Tool

The objective of the Foreman Skills Development Tool is to help the foreman and the employer identify the foreman’s areas of strengths and areas requiring further improvement in 6 specific areas of responsibility: Safety, Planning and Scheduling, Leadership and Supervision, Employee Relations, QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control), and Administration.  

BuildForce Canada (formerly the Construction Sector Council)


Construction Forecasts

The Construction Forecasts website is an online delivery system that provides construction organizations with timely forecast data on residential and non-residential construction investment activity and labour supply and demand at the national, provincial and regional levels. On this website, you will find: comprehensive labour supply and demand forecast data, customized tables and graph, and links to other relevant data sources.

Labour Market Information (LMI) Program

The main objective of the Labour Market Information (LMI) Program is to identify the construction trades and occupations where the current and projected states of supply and demand suggest that imbalances could develop or persist over time.

Construction Looking Forward Forecast Reports and Highlights

The CSC’s annual Construction Looking Forward forecasts offer a detailed nine-year scenario of workforce supply and demand by trade, province and region. These forecasts help industry, training providers and government decision makers manage workforce requirements.

Construction Users Roundtable (CURT)

CURT Training, Events, and Publications

CURT is a not-for-profit organization whose primary purpose is to create competitive advantage for construction owners by making the industry safer, promoting overall cost effectiveness and productivity, and improving the way construction is planned, managed, justified and executed.

Edmonton Construction Association (ECA)  

BIM Training Room

ECA is one of the first Associations to train their members in Building Information Modeling (BIM).

European Construction Institute (ECI)

ECI Taskforces and Research

ECI’s research is carried out by task forces which combine the experience and expertise of its industry members with the research methodology and knowledge of their academic partners. The results of this work are published as reports, handbooks or web based tools for use by members and the wider engineering construction community. ECI also works with world-leading universities to commission new research on its members’ value-adding issues.

ECI Knowledge Repository

ECI’s web repository stores documents, reports, toolsets and training material for access at members’ convenience. Typical topics covered include risk, health and safety issues, and strategic partnering.

ECI Events

ECI hosts a series of events, in the form of seminar sessions, master classes, workshops and training packages in order to disseminate best-practice and new knowledge generated by its task forces and research. These encourage the exchange of expertise and ideas in order to improve practice. ECI organizes an annual conference to enable the ECI community to network and share experiences around a central conference theme.

Lean Construction Institute (LCI)

Lean Construction Journal (LCJ)

Published by the Lean Construction Institute since 2004, the Lean Construction Journal (LCJ) is an international refereed journal devoted to Lean Construction practice and research. The primary objective of LCJ is to stimulate a systematic rethinking of the construction process both on and off-site by providing a forum for disseminating knowledge and exchanging ideas between industry and academia. LCJ will publish high-quality practical:
  • Papers
  • Forum essays
  • Case studies
  • discussions, rejoinders and closures to previous contributions
  • book reviews
  • themed sections

Learning and Performance Institute (LPI)

Masters Certificate in Project Management

University project management training program offered in partnership with the Schulich School of Business at York University. The Executive Education Centre at Schulich created the Masters Certificate in Project Management in order to provide a fast-track, in-depth approach to the delivery of professional training that is Canadian in its roots as well as in its location and, very importantly, that recognizes the shortage of time with which most managers are faced. A Project Management Certificate for all Managers - Construction, Engineering, IT and Other Fields. Each module covers the fundamental knowledge areas required by all project managers. These areas are not industry specific and in fact the exercises and our participants come from many different industries - construction, IT, engineering, human resources and more.

Project Management Fundamentals

This 3 day introduction to Project Management is intended for either the new Project Manager or the experienced Project Manager requiring formal education. This course is not part of the Masters Certificate in Project Management but is a great foundation should you not have any other formal education or wish to pursue the Masters Certificate at a later date.


Certification workshops in one of the world's top Project Management methodologies. Ideal for Experienced Project Professionals in Canada Who are Ready to Take Their Project Skills to the international level.  

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

Project management Certificate (PMC) program

12 module program, provides transferability to degree programs. 

Project Management Professional Exam preparation – Part A & B

A two-part weekend course that will help participants prepare for the PMP exam.

Careers in Oil and Gas 


Labour Market Information

Up-to-date and accurate Labour Market Information (LMI) helps stakeholders effectively plan their attraction, retention and workforce development strategies.

Productivity Alberta

Productivity Assessment Tool

The Productivity Assessment Tool helps companies improve their growth potential and profitability. The Tool helps SMEs to identify where their organization or team is adding value; indicate where opportunities exist to eliminate waste and increase your competitiveness; and connect them to tools, resources, and services to help them improve their bottom line. By completing the Assessment, companies will have a clearer picture of their productivity strengths and weaknesses. Then, with the help of Productivity Alberta, companies will be connected to specific tools and services tailored to improve their business’ productivity and competitiveness.  

Project Management Institute (PMI)

PMI Certifications

PMI offers a comprehensive certification program for project practitioners of all education and skill levels. Currently consisting of five credentials, the program demonstrates both your commitment to the profession and your expertise through certifying education, experience and competency. Rigorously developed by project managers, PMI certifications ensure that you and your projects excel. PMI certifications include:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®
  • Program Management Professional (PgMP)®
  • PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)®
  • PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)®

PMI Registered Education Providers (REP)

Through Registered Education Providers (REP), PMI offers training courses and events to improve the skills set of project management professionals. An REP is an organization approved by PMI to issue professional development units (PDUs) for its training courses. Courses offered by REPs, chapters, and PMI are pre approved for contact hours in fulfillment of certification eligibility requirements, as well as PDUs to fulfill the continuing certification requirements (CCR) for PMI credentials.  

Project Management Institute - Northern Alberta Chapter (PMI-NAC)

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship program is designed to provide PMI-NAC members with guidance and advice on moving their career to the next level by enhancing the professional experience and development of the participants.

Project Management Institute - Southern Alberta Chapter (PMI-SAC)

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship program is designed to provide PMI-SAC members with guidance and advice on moving their career to the next level by enhancing the professional experience and development of the participants.

Company Ambassador Program

The Company Ambassador Program is an opportunity to be part of Project Management Institute (PMI) and PMI-SAC and act as your organization's voice. You can bring in ideas, share experiences, and become an inherent part of the PMI-SAC on behalf of your organization.  

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

Applied Project Management Certificate

The program offers an integrated approach to all the key areas of project management; including human resources, communication, cost, quality control, procurement and risk management.

Bachelor of Science Construction Project Management

This four-year program is construction degree with management-based course study that will prepare students for leadership roles in the construction industry.

University of Alberta

Advanced Program in Project Management

The Advanced Program in Project Management (formerly Graduate Certificate in Project Management) is designed for those managing large, complex, strategic and mission-critical undertakings. The program provides the perspective, tools and expertise necessary to successfully realize results.

Hole School of Construction Engineering

Through the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Hole School of Construction Engineering offers Master of Science (MSc), Master of Engineering (MEng) and Doctorate (PhD) degrees. The program provides a balance between general engineering and management education and covers a wide range of construction engineering and management topics from theoretical and practical perspectives. The Hole School of Construction Engineering (HSCE) hosts the NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Construction Engineering and Management.