Construction Projects

  • BuildForce Canada's Construction Map App

    BuildForce Canada's Construction Map App maps major resource construction projects across Canada, focusing on a select group of projects in mining, oil and gas, electrical generation and transmission, pipelines and transit. These projects individually and/or collectively have a significant impact on construction labour demand within a region. The map includes only those projects that are in the public domain.

  • Alberta Major Projects

    Alberta Major Projects Map is an application that identifies projects that are currently being planned, carried out, and completed across Alberta. You can filter projects by location, industry, project status, and cost to create your own customized report.

Procurement and Contracting Opportunities

  • Link2Build

    Link2Build - is a gateway to thousands of construction bid opportunities managed by Canada's network of local and provincial construction associations. 

  • Alberta Infrastructure

    Go to the Alberta Infrastructure's tendering and contracting opportunities pages for information on how to offer your services and bid on projects from Alberta Infrastructure.

  • Alberta Transportation

  • Electronic Plan Room (EPR)

    Public access to construction procurement opportunities is available via the Electronic Plan Room (EPR). You can access the EPR through:

  • Alberta Purchasing Connection

    The Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) is an easy to use tool that lets public and private sector users manage, advertise, distribute and download public purchasing opportunities for goods, services and construction for the Government of Alberta.

  • MERX Canadian Public Tenders

    Are you interested in doing business with the Canadian public sector? MERX Canadian Public Tenders is an easy, fast and efficient prospecting tool to help your business grow. New opportunities are listed daily from all levels of government including the Federal and Provincial governments as well as the MASH sector (Municipal, Academic, School Boards and Hospitals) from across Canada.

  • MERX City of Calgary  

    MERX City of Calgary is Calgary's electronic bid system, which allows you to submit responses online through MERX's secure web portal.

  • City of Edmonton

    The City of Edmonton uses a variety of competitive bidding processes to acquire a wide range of goods, services and construction needed to support the effective operation of the municipality.

Market Information

  • Module Assembly Capacity: This June 2014 study surveys 17 major module construction companies in Alberta to establish the true module assembly capacity of the province.
  • Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) Twice as Safe Twice as Productive by 2020 Initiative: "Productivity" means "capital effectiveness" - the cumulative efficiency of concept and strategy development, planning, engineering, contracts and controls, procuring, constructing and commissioning the plants with which our industry produces economic value. "Capital effectiveness" is typically measured in terms of final output in the field (installed quantity per person hour), but in reality is the sum of execution excellence of inputs at each step of the value chain, plus excellent integration throughout the project

  • Go Productivity Project Alignment And Delivery (PAAD) Initiative: The success of major energy and construction projects in Canada depends on the ability of companies and their project teams to execute effectively and productively. PAAD brings together industry to identify, address, and report on the execution challenges and solutions that will ensure the long-term success of Canadian industry.

  • Lump Sum Contracting on Western Canadian Oil and Gas Capital Projects: Industry Opinion: This report was completed for Alberta Finance and Enterprise by Dr. George Jergeas and Jacqueline O'Toole. This report:

    • Identifies the major drivers, positive and negative to the lump sum contracting strategy.
    • Summarizes industry opinion on the application and perceptions around lump sum contracting.
    • Highlights the major risks to the use of this contracting strategy.
  • Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA): COAA in cooperation with the Construction Industry Institute (CII) at the University of Texas, has developed a benchmarking system that assesses project performance by looking at certain characteristics of major industrial (oil sands) construction projects in Alberta. Using quantitative evidence, the Alberta Report II dispels common myths regarding the competitiveness of industrial project execution in Alberta while establishing a solid footing for the future execution of industrial projects in Alberta.
  • Improving Construction Productivity on Alberta Oil and Gas Capital Projects: This report was completed by professor George Jergeas of the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary. This report's findings still resonate today.

    • Identifies productivity improvement needs and factors affecting construction and productivity for oil and gas capital projects.
    • Categorizes and prioritizes these productivity factors.
    • Determines gaps in available construction productivity literature programs, services, and information.
  • Construction and Maintenance Forecasts Looking Forward Highlights Reports 

    BuildForce Canada's annual Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward forecasts offer a 10-year scenario of workforce supply and demand by trade, province and region. These forecasts help industry, training providers and government decision makers manage workforce requirements.

For more insight into Alberta's engineering and construction industry market, visit:

  • Canadian Energy Supply Chain Forum:  

    Canada's largest event exclusively dedicated to improving the effectiveness and competitiveness of Canadian petroleum production through supply chain excellence.


A number of Alberta's firms are exporting consulting engineering and geoscience services. There is special emphasis in such areas as:

  • hazardous waste and environmental engineering
  • hydrocarbon exploration, development, production, processing and upgrading
  • permafrost and cold weather engineering
  • pipeline and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)
  • public infrastructure, transportation planning and systems engineering  
  • water supply, water resources management, water and waste treatment

Alberta's consulting engineers are the preferred choice in many developing regions of the world. The potential to expand Alberta's export business is good and growth in international business is anticipated.

  • Export Development Canada (EDC): Selling outside of Canada? Our financing, insurance and bonding solutions combined with extensive trade and market expertise can help you succeed in the U.S. and internationally.
  • The Exporting your products section of the website has information about exporting opportunities for Alberta Businesses. To learn more about these opportunities, browse the International market profiles.