Environmental products and services

Alberta is well known for its natural beauty and clean environment and the environmental products and services sector helps preserve this legacy through its commitment to sustainability.

The sector is also respected for its dedication to excellence. Alberta companies adhere to high provincial and federal government standards and employ skilled Albertans with specialized knowledge in engineering, law, science and technology.

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About the industry

Want to learn about the industry? Access basic information and statistics on the Alberta Environmental products and services industry, and its areas of expertise.

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Want to do business with the industry? Learn about available opportunities for technology commercialization and exporting.

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Want to know what’s new in the industry? See our list of Alberta’s environmental news feeds.

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Policies and regulations

Want to start a business? Learn about government regulation of the industry.

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Industry stakeholders

Want to know who’s who in the industry? See our list of Environmental products and services associations.

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