About the industry

In a province enjoying abundant resources and strong future prospects, managing the environment is both a challenge and an opportunity. Alberta has a well-earned international reputation for excellence in water treatment, waste management, and the development of climate change solutions.

Industry fast facts

  • Environmental Products and Services (EPS) is the core business of nearly 1,330 companies in Alberta.
  • Alberta’s EPS revenue is over $2.8 billion annually.
  • Alberta’s environmental industry has an international reputation for excellence in water treatment and waste management.
  • Alberta is home to the largest remediation conference in Canada: The Remediation Technologies Symposium, and hosts a number of water treatment conferences including the highly successful WaterTech Conference.
  • Edmonton's Gold Bar wastewater treatment plant is one of the most innovative facilities in North America and a leader in wastewater technology.

Areas of expertise

Alberta's environmental sector is helping to preserve the province's natural environment. The sector has become well known for its expertise in:

  • Remediation – Land
    Alberta's environmental sector is restoring land, making this natural resource clean, safe and usable. High levels of drilling and production in the oil and gas industry need a range of environmental products and services.
  • Water & Treatment
    Alberta’s Water for Life action plan aims for safe, secure drinking water, healthy aquatic ecosystems, and reliable, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy. Municipal infrastructure is expanding rapidly to meet the surging economic and population growth in the province; large investment in oil sands mining will require increased water treatment.
  • Climate Change Solutions
    Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions is responsible for energy-related research in Alberta and works with government and industry to promote innovation and technology in the energy sector. There is a focus on increased funding for the development and implementation of greenhouse gas related technologies.
  • Waste Management
    With a focus on innovative research, technology development and training, Alberta is home to world-class waste management centres, established to meet solid waste and wastewater challenges.
  • Bio Based Value Add Products
    Alberta is abundant with bio mass resources, and there are significant opportunities to convert them into chemicals, energy, and composite materials for the industrial and consumer markets. Research and development, product development, commercialization, market assessment and other services are all available to assist with this emerging industry.