About the industry

Alberta’s information and communications technologies (ICT) sector consists of world-class companies with expertise in diverse business areas, including:

  • bioinformatics
  • digital content
  • e-learning
  • global positioning systems
  • health management systems
  • nanotechnology
  • software development
  • systems integration
  • telecommunications
  • wireless communications

Reasons to invest in Alberta’s ICT sector

Highly skilled workforce, advanced infrastructure, and exceptional centres of research create a rich environment for investors.

Industry fast facts

The ICT sector in Alberta includes nearly 4,500 companies employing over 50,000 Albertans, making it extremely important to the provincial economy.

Employees Revenues Exports
2012 2011 2011
50,000 $11.4 billion $1.4 billion

Areas of expertise

There are many partnership and investment prospects in technologies that support Alberta’s priority sectors of energy, environment, health and education. Some areas of opportunity include:

Digital media

Learn how Alberta’s digital media industry is creating opportunities in such areas as website design and development, mobile device applications, interactive entertainment and social media applications.

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Nanotechnology and microsystems

The ‘science of small’ has had a big impact on Alberta’s economy. Find out about Alberta’s growth into Canada’s centre of nanotechnology and microsystems development.

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Software and IT

Explore Alberta’s business and educational opportunities in software and IT development, from e-learning and gaming to image processing and telecommunications.

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Learn about Alberta’s wireless technology industry, and about business opportunities in areas including geomatics, remote sensing, and wireless broadband.

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