Organizations that support the ICT industry through their programs and services include:

Resources that are available to ICT companies in Alberta include:

Business support

The newly created  Alberta Innovates helps technical industries find solutions, develop products and move technologies to market. Several of the organizations that are now part of Alberta innovates support the ICT industry, these include:

  • Alberta Ingenuity : This endowment fund develops internationally competitive science and engineering expertise and builds greater capacity for innovation, particularly in areas with lasting social and economic impact. Through a $1 billion Government of Alberta endowment in 2000, Alberta Ingenuity nurtures the discovery of new knowledge and encourages its application to benefit Albertans and the world.
  • nanoAlberta : nanoAlberta is responsible for coordinating partnerships with industry, researchers and investors, and applying the benefits of nanotechnology in the energy, environment, medical, agriculture and forestry sectors.

Research facilities and infrastructure

To foster a culture of innovation and to support Alberta’s research and development infrastructure, the Government of Alberta has provided extensive financial support. As a result, the research and development infrastructure in Alberta offers excellent opportunities to test, pilot, and commercialize new applications.

Here are some examples of key Alberta research and development infrastructure and facilities:

  • Banff New Media Institute (BNMI): The Banff New Media Institute is an internationally respected art and digital research innovation centre. Its programs are designed to support creative pluralism, different modes of inquiry, the production of new work, and the engagement of artists, producers, technologists, and researchers with digital culture. BNMI commissions research, provides training, and offers creative production support in a multidisciplinary development environment. Practitioners are able to access a range of expertise, peers, facilities, and environments.
  • National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT): Canada’s premier nanotechnology research institute, a provincial-federal initiative, is an integrated, multi-disciplinary institution involving several hundred researchers in physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, informatics, pharmacy and medicine.
  • TRTech: TRTech is Canada’s largest research consortium (industry, university, government) in information and communications technology. The research program is based on industry/university collaboration that produces original, industry-relevant, pre-competitive research with a time horizon of one to five years.
  • Alberta SuperNet : An ideal environment for the development of new broadband applications, the Alberta SuperNet connects over 4700 hospitals, schools, libraries and government facilities in over 429 provincial communities through a fibre optic high-speed broadband network. Recognized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) as the most innovative global project of its kind, SuperNet provides the foundation for improved services in distance learning, telehealth, and e-commerce.
  • Cybera : A new provincial organization, Cybera Inc., will facilitate access to Information and Communications Technology(ICT) resources, often referred to as cyberinfrastructure (CI). This includes existing ICT tools around the province as well as new resources acquired through partnerships with Alberta’s four universities, other public and private sector partners, and Netera Alliance – which maintains Alberta’s high-speed, high-bandwidth research network.
  • WestGrid : WestGrid, Canada’s largest high performance computing grid, provides high performance computing, networking, and collaboration tools for researchers in seven participating institutions in Western Canada. The distributed resources are connected by the research networks in British Columbia (BCNet), Alberta (NeteraNet) and across Canada (CA*net).
  • NAIT Shell Manufacturing Centre (Shell, Microsoft): Focused on software solutions, process improvement, and automation for the manufacturing sector.
  • Centre for Innovative Information Technology Solutions (CIITS) at SAIT: Using IT to streamline processes and provide access to global markets for the energy manufacturing sector.
  • University of Alberta IBM Centre for Advanced Studies: Focused on machine intelligence, nanotech, biological simulation, and services science research.
  • University of Alberta Sun Microsystems Centre of Excellence in Integrated Nanotools: Focused on developing advanced tools, microchips, microsystems, and nanodevices.
  • University of Calgary Grid Research Centre (Hewlett-Packard): Developing next generation high performance computing monitoring and management tools.
  • University of Lethbridge Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre (IUNCTUS)

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