Alberta is home to leading companies in areas such as wireless broadband technology, and wireless applications and services. Alberta technologies are the base for international standards and applications range across the following areas:

  • contract design
  • geomatics and GPS
  • location and mapping technology
  • physiological monitors and sensors
  • telematics
  • WiMAX
  • wireless content and services

Areas of expertise

Alberta has wireless expertise in:

  • fixed wireless
  • geomatics
  • remote sensing
  • telematics
  • wireless broadband
  • wireless design

There is growing capacity in security applications, machine learning and other advanced communications and computing, including emerging areas such as quantum cryptography.

Wireless research and development

Alberta has a range of institutions that provide exceptional support for research and development in wireless technology:

  • Athabasca University : Athabasca University is a leader in distance education.
  • Banff New Media Institute (BNMI) : BNMI is a world-class research and content innovation centre in developing new technologies and content.
  • TR-Labs : TR-Labs is Canada's largest not-for-profit information and communications technology research consortium, internationally recognized as a leading model for industry-university-government collaboration.
  • University of Alberta : The University of Alberta is one of the top five wireless research groups within North America.
  • University of Calgary : The University of Calgary is recognized for its strengths in geomatics and remote sensing technologies.