June Warren-Nickel’s Energy Group

June Warren-Nickel’s Energy Group is a major publisher of energy news in Canada. They publish numerous magazines, directories and guidebooks, and statistics reports. Please visit their website for a full list of their publications.

Canadian Manufacturing provides daily industry-focused news in Canada.

Canadian Plant Newspaper

Canadian Plant is an industry newspaper for Canadian industries.

Manufacturing Automation

A Canadian manufacturing magazine, Manufacturing Automation is an authoritative voice on Canada’s industrial automation market, which keeps readers informed on the latest manufacturing technologies, products, applications and industry news.

Manufacturers Health and Safety Association (MHSA)

As part of its commitment to promoting safe and healthy workplaces in Alberta's manufacturing industry, the Manufacturers Health and Safety Association provides the Safety Link newsletter and information and conferences and workshops on safety and health issues in the workplace.

Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)

Find the latest news and events on construction safety and an online newsletter brought to you by the Alberta Construction Safety Association.