Policies and regulations

Apprenticeship and Industry Training

Apprenticeship and Industry Training is an industry-driven partnership with government that ensures a highly-skilled international competitive workforce in 58 designated trades and occupations, through the administration of an apprenticeship and industry training system.

Building and Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce

Building and Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce is the government of Alberta’s labour force strategy, aimed attracting more workers, better educating and training the workforce, and developing safe, innovative work places.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Code 2009

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

In order to encourage employers to meet high standards for health and safety in the workplace, the Government of Alberta awards a Certificate of Recognition (COR) to employers who meet the established standards for health and safety.

To learn more about Occupational Health and Safety, visit the Occupational Health & Safety website.