Industry reports

Bio Based Chemical Import Replacement Initiative: Chemical Markets and Biochemical Options for Alberta (January 2014)

This report looks at the potential for upgrading bioresources to useful chemicals by providing background market information on the industry, examining chemicals of interest for bio-production, and presenting the potential opportunities for biochemicals development in Alberta.

Download the full report, Bio Based Chemical Import Replacement Initiative (237 pages, 3.03 MB), or download by chapter below:

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Alberta Industrial Sector Market Opportunities Report 
This McKinsey & Company report is an assessment of significant economic growth opportunities in Alberta. The report reviews growth options in nine of Alberta's leading industrial sectors.

Fuel for Thought: The Economic Benefits of Oil Sands Investment for Canada's Regions
The Conference Board of Canada presents this 83-page report that reveals how Canada's regions will likely benefit from economic opportunities resulting in the hundreds of billions expected to be invested in Canada's oil sands in the next 25 years.

Unlocking the Prize: Metal Fabrication Procurement for Development and Operation of Alberta's Oil Sands
This report prepared by Sierra Systems analyzes Alberta‘s oil sands supply chain opportunities for the metal fabrication sector.

Alberta Industry Sector Performance and Prospects
PriceWaterhouseCoopers has prepared a study on the performance, trends and prospects of 19 of Alberta’s largest industry sectors.

Alberta Competitiveness Initiative
As part of the ongoing work under the new Alberta Competitiveness Act, a group of MLAs and industry leaders is working to assess and improve competitiveness factors for the overall economy and key industries in Alberta. To read the competitiveness act or to download a report on competitiveness in Alberta, access the above link.