Resources and links

Organizations that support the life sciences industry through their programs and services include:

Innovation and Advanced Education: Provides strategic leadership for the life sciences innovation agenda in Alberta.

Alberta Innovates Connector Service: A free, personalized service that connects you to the resources, organizations and people that make up Alberta’s vibrant and diverse research and innovation system.

Alberta Innovates: Alberta Innovates is a new system for innovation that companies and researchers around the world agree is unique. Businesses, government, and universities collaborate to share resources, experts, and ideas across sectors. University researchers work together, unrestricted by academic barriers.

  • Technology Futures: Helps technical industries find solutions, develop products and move technologies to market.

  • Health Solutions: Supports internationally competitive biomedical research, training and technology development. The AIHS fund has contributed more than $800 million to medical research, training, and health initiatives over the last 25 years.

  • Bio Solutions: Alberta's leading agency for coordination and support of agricultural research.

Alberta Health Services: Responsible for delivering health services to the 4 million people living in Alberta, Alberta's one healthcare provider allows for centralized access to companies for efficient decision making.

Through its world recognized state of the art medical facilities, Alberta Health Services can offer access to an exceptional clinical environment to test and evaluate the latest health innovations for Alberta business partners.

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