Alberta has the potential to become the world’s leading energy provider. It has a world-class resource next to the largest market in the world. Only 21 per cent of the world’s proven oil reserves are accessible to private sector investment (not state controlled) of which more than half (53%) are in Alberta’s oil sands, which represents considerable investment opportunities in Alberta’s oil sands.

Alberta offers a politically stable and fiscally competitive environment for oil and gas industry development with competitive corporate taxes. According to the Competitiveness Council 2010 Benchmarking study, Alberta has a sound foundation for competitiveness – specifically in living standards, economic well-being, taxes and fiscal policy.

Oil, natural gas, and coal: reserves/production – 2012
Reserves Annual Production
Crude Bitumen 167.9 billion barrels 704 million barrels 
Crude Oil 1.7 billion barrels 204 million barrels
Conventional Natural Gas 33 trillion cubic feet 3.4 trillion cubic feet
Coalbed Methane 2.0 trillion cubic feet  292 billion cubic feet 
Coal   37 billion tons  31 million tons 


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