Alberta sustainable resource development

Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) encourages balanced and responsible use of Alberta's natural resources. Sustainable Resource Development:

  • Fights forest fires
  • Manages fish and wildlife
  • Oversees the development of forests
  • Manages the use of public lands

Companies planning to engage in industrial activities on public land must get surface access approval from SRD. Companies may also require surface dispositions for resource extraction purposes (petroleum, natural gas, oil sands and coal development).

SRD manages legislation for the responsible management of Alberta's natural resources. The Public Lands Act and Surface Rights Act are most relevant to companies who want to invest in Alberta’s energy sector.
Land management
SRD guides the land use application process. The Lands Division manages approvals for activities on public land.
Surface Rights Board
The Surface Rights Act authorizes the Surface Rights Board to handle inquiries into disputes over access to land.
Land Compensation Board
The Land Compensation Board determines the compensation due to landowners and tenants where land has been expropriated by an authority.