Available labour

Both provincial and federal government departments have information about labour markets, industry and job banks to help employers find workers.

Resources for employers

Business and Industry
Alberta Employment and Immigration has labour market information, industry profiles and resources to help employers attract and retain skilled labour.
Employment and careers (information for employers)
Service Alberta helps employers with online services, financial resources, publications, forms and information.
Hiring and managing staff
Canada Business provides resources to recruit and manage staff.
Human resources management for employers
Service Canada provides an employer job bank, grant information, guidelines and other resources for employers.
Labour market in Alberta
Service Canada provides a labour force survey, general market information and links to industry associations.

Foreign workers

Foreign workers: Help for employers
Alberta Employment and Immigration provides information to support Alberta employers who want to attract, recruit and retain skilled foreign workers to fill labour shortages.
Temporary foreign worker program
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada provides information and resources for employers who wish to hire foreign workers.

Connecting employers with people looking for work

Finding a job in Alberta
AlbertaCanada.com provides resources for career planning and finding a job.
Career and Employment services
Alberta Employment and Immigration provides programs and services that help skilled workers build careers in Alberta, such as career fairs and workforce partnerships.
Job banks for Alberta
Alberta Learning Information Service resources, postings and industry research for job seekers.
Services for individuals
Service Canada provides region specific job banks and labour market information.