Banking and finance

There are many financing options that businesses in Canada can choose from to raise capital. Business owners should also be aware of the legislation and regulations that govern business financing.

Financial institutions

Canada’s banks offer a full range of banking, investment and financial services. Banks generally have a nationwide presence, and some have international connections. Banks are federally regulated.
Other financial institutions
Canada has a variety of financial institutions in addition to banks. In Alberta, these may include credit unions, trust and loan companies, insurance companies, investment companies and venture capitalists.

Financing options

Debt financing
This type of financing comes from loans made to a company from a bank or other external financial source. The loans are repaid with interest.
Equity financing
This type of financing comes from personal funds that are made available to a company, such as investor funds. Investors have a share in the company and the profits.
Government financing
Government agencies provide funding for specific business projects or businesses operating in certain industries. Funds are usually in the form of a grant or other financial assistance programs.

Regulation and legislation

Securities and regulations
The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) is an industry-funded provincial corporation responsible for ensuring a fair and efficient capital market exists in Alberta.
Banking legislation
Understand the legislation that governs Canada’s financial sector.

Financing resources

Financial institutions and markets
The Canadian Department of Finance provides information about financial institutions in Canada as well as market information.
Financing your new business
Canada Business provides information about the many types of government and private sector financing available.
General financing information
The Business Link provides a collection of resources and advice for many types of financing.
Steps to Growth Capital
Canada Business provides a guide to help you develop the plan and materials to seek the equity financing you need.