Resources for starting a business

Businesses who want to operate in Alberta can find information about provincial and federal requirements for starting a business.

Resources: provides Alberta-specific resources for establishing, financing and operating a business in Alberta.
Business Link
Business Link Alberta provides information and services about starting and operating a business in Alberta.
Canada Business
Canada Business provides information and resources on the process for starting a business in Canada. Province-specific information is included.
Industry Canada
Industry Canada provides comprehensive information about starting and running a business in Canada.
Invest in Canada
Invest in Canada outlines Canada’s competitive advantages for business, industry sectors, regional profiles and more.
Business reference guides
Invest in Canada provides valuable resource guides about establishing a business and conducting business in Canada. Topics include business structure, taxation, trade and more.
Service Alberta
Service Alberta guides businesses through the requirements for establishing a business in Alberta.
Western Economic Diversification Canada
Western Economic Diversification Canada promotes the development and diversification of Western Canada's economy. It also provides information and assistance to businesses to help them grow and prosper.