Competition policy

Foreign investors who want to establish a business activity in Canada need to be aware of the competition policy. Canada's Competition Act applies to both Canadians and foreign investors.

  • The Competition Act falls under federal jurisdiction.
  • It is enforced and administered by the Competition Bureau. The Competition Bureau investigates complaints and decides whether to file an application to the Competition Tribunal.
  • A specialized court called the Competition Tribunal hears cases that are complex and deal with matters such as mergers, misleading advertising and restrictive trade practices.

The Competition Act can be broadly subdivided into three main sections:

Civil offenses

Find information on the main non-criminal offences under the Competition Act that are subject to review by the Competition Tribunal.

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Criminal offenses

Find information on the main criminal offences under the Competition Act.

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Mergers and acquisitions

Find information on the Competition Act which legislates and regulates acquisitions and mergers.

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