Corporate tax law - Alberta

Corporations that operate in Alberta are required to file a corporate tax return with both the Canada Revenue Agency and with Alberta Finance and Enterprise.

  • The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) administers the Income Tax Act and Regulations.
  • In Alberta, the Tax and Revenue Administration of Alberta Finance and Enterprise administers the Alberta Corporate Tax Act and Regulations.

Schedule 5

Although Alberta administers its own taxation legislation, corporations from all provinces in Canada including Alberta should verify if they have to complete a Schedule 5. Schedule 5 is a supplementary tax calculation for corporate entities.

Tax rates

Provincial corporate income tax rates vary depending on the province and type of income earned. Alberta has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Canada.

Worker's compensation and insurance premiums

Under provincial legislation, corporate employers have to remit premiums for Worker's Compensation and Insurance.

Alberta Finance and Enterprise

Find information on Alberta corporate tax legislation, corporate income tax rates and filing corporate tax forms.

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