How to invest in Alberta

Alberta has a positive business climate with opportunity for investment in a wide variety of industries. There are many reasons to invest in Alberta.

Investors and entrepreneurs should consider several factors when looking to invest or establish a business in Alberta.

Establishing a company

To establish a company to operate and conduct business within Alberta, you will need to choose a business structure, register your business and choose a location for your operations.

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Banking and finance

There are many financing options available to help businesses in Canada raise capital.

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The tax system

Alberta offers one of the most competitive business tax environments in North America. Canada Revenue Agency administers Canada's federal tax laws. Alberta Finance administers Alberta's tax laws.

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Employment and labour relations

Both the federal and provincial/territorial governments have jurisdiction over employment and labour relations in Canada.

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Importing and exporting goods

There are several factors to consider when importing or exporting from Alberta and Canada, such as import export controls, legislation and trade agreements.

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Laws and regulations

Alberta welcomes foreign investment. To guide investment decisions, foreign investors should consider the relevant federal and provincial policy and legislation that govern business and investment in Alberta.

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