Industry opportunities

Companies in Alberta are defining and redefining many high-tech sectors and establishing themselves as global leaders. The result is a diversified range of businesses with promising investment opportunities.

Aerospace and defence
Alberta is highly regarded for its capabilities in robotics and unmanned vehicle systems (UVS); defence electronics; aerospace-based geomatics and space sciences; manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MMRO); and logistics support to the military.
Alberta’s extensive network of research and development facilities help develop and commercialize agrifood products and processes.
Building products and technologies
Alberta’s building products industry has gained a tremendous reputation worldwide, particularly in the areas of cold-weather construction and green building technologies.
Engineering and construction
This industry accounts for about 9% of the province’s annual GDP. It continues to grow because of its participation in Alberta's strong infrastructure and resource development activity.
Environmental products and services
Alberta has a well-earned international reputation for excellence in water treatment, waste management and the development of climate change solutions. Development opportunities exist in many other areas.
Financial services
Alberta’s financial services industry accounts for a significant share of provincial employment and GDP. The sector has expanded by an average of 6.4% per year since 2002.
Information and communication technologies
Alberta has a large, sophisticated and growing information and communications technology (ICT) sector that is the third largest value-added sector in the province.
Life sciences
Alberta’s research facilities and highly skilled workforce support innovative developments in rehabilitative medicine, biomedical engineering, health informatics and nanotechnology.
Industrial manufacturing
Alberta is one of Canada’s major industrial manufacturing centres, in part due to the energy sector. Tens of billions of dollars are being spent in both the oil sands and conventional oil and gas sectors each year.
Oil and gas
Alberta is Canada’s energy province. Energy development is the largest contributor to the Alberta’s GDP, capital investments and exports.
Refining, Petrochemicals and Biochemicals
Alberta has one of the largest petrochemical industries in Canada, characterized by modern, world-scale plants, efficient transportation systems and access to the second largest crude oil reserve in the world.
Tourism is one of Alberta’s leading industries. A range of tourist, hospitality and service-related businesses cater to Albertans traveling in their own province and visitors from other parts of the world.
Logistics & market access
Alberta has one of the best transportation systems in Canada. Through road, rail, air cargo and pipeline networks, more than $100 billion of Alberta products move to international markets each year.