Laws and regulations

Alberta welcomes foreign investment. There are few restrictions on investments by non-Canadians. The Canadian government reviews foreign investments to assess the size and type of investment and evaluates the net benefit to Canada.

To guide their investment decisions, foreign investors should consider the relevant federal and provincial policy and legislation that govern business and investment in Alberta.

Competition policy

Foreign investors who want to establish a business activity in Canada need to be aware of the competition policy.

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Energy sector regulations

Businesses who want to invest in Alberta's energy sector are subject to federal and provincial regulations.

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Environmental law

Businesses must be aware of both provincial and federal environmental regulations when operating in Alberta.

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Intellectual property

Federal statutes regulate patents, trademarks, copyright and moral rights, industrial designs, topography rights and plant breeders' rights.

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Foreign investments

The review of foreign investment into Canada is governed by the Investment Canada Act.

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Privacy law

Canada has both provincial and federal privacy legislation.

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Product standards and labelling

Most pre-packaged goods sold in Canada must follow certain packaging and labelling requirements.

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