Register your business

Requirements to register a business depend on the type and structure of the business. There are specific processes, forms and fees associated with different business types.

Service Alberta is the Government of Alberta ministry that:

  • Manages incorporation, business names and extra-provincial corporations
  • Administers the related legal acts and regulations
  • Licenses or registers businesses in Alberta

The Service Alberta website provides information about

  • Operating a business in Alberta
  • Dissolving or reviving a legal entity
  • Incorporating a company
  • Choosing a business name
  • Outlining obligations and responsibilities after incorporating or registering a business

Service Alberta offers a Consumer Tip Sheet with detailed information about licensing and registering a business:

  • Businesses Requiring a Licence
  • Applying for a Licence or Registration
  • Responsibilities as a Licensee
  • Business Licence Search
  • Corporate Registry Services
  • Registration of a Business Name

Find an authorized service provider for registry services. These registry agents process the forms and fees required for licensing and registering a business.