The tax system

The tax system in Alberta is administered at two levels:

  • The Canada Revenue Agency administers Canada's federal tax laws.
  • Alberta Finance administers Alberta's tax laws.

Residence Requirements

Canada imposes taxes on the basis of residency, not citizenship.

  • Residents and non-residents are subject to Canadian tax on income.
  • Canadian residents are subject to taxes on income earned anywhere in the world.
  • Non-residents are generally taxed only on income and capital gains earned in Canada.

There may be tax relief or reduction if a bilateral income tax treaty exists between Canada and another country.

Canada Revenue Agency residency information:

Tax advantages

Alberta offers one of the most competitive business tax environments in North America – no provincial sales tax (PST), provincial capital taxes, payroll taxes, or machinery and equipment taxes.

Canada’s Budget 2016 focuses squarely on Canadians and the things that matter most to them. Things like growing the economy, creating jobs, strengthening the middle class and helping those working hard to join it.

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