Roads and highways

Alberta has more than 31,000 km of highways which form an extensive network throughout the province. First class arterial roads and highways connect to similar highways in adjacent provinces and the United States.

North - South Highways

The Queen Elizabeth II Highway (Highway 2) provides a north-south route through both Edmonton and Calgary. It links the Alaska Dempster Highway to Interstate Highway I-15 in Sweetgrass, Montana.

East - West Highways

The province is serviced by two east-west highways, Highway 1 through Calgary and Highway 16 through Edmonton, both of which are part of Canada's coast-to-coast highway system.

Public Roads in Alberta

There are over 226,000 kilometres of public roads in Alberta – approximately 22% of the total national network. When compared to all other provincial and territorial networks, this infrastructure ranks second only to Saskatchewan. Almost 165,000 kilometres of Alberta's public roads are gravel, treated or earthen, largely falling under municipal jurisdiction.

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