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Alberta's Building Products Sector is on the Road to Recovery

October 23, 2017


The building products sector was also impacted by Alberta’s 2015 - 2016 recession, although not as severely as most other manufacturing sectors were. The reason for this is that U.S. housing starts are recovering strongly, which in turn is boosting Alberta exports of lumber and oriented strand board. Building product revenues are bouncing back this year and are expected to continue to grow as strong growth is forecast for U.S. housing starts.

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Jan Reurink
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Economic Trends by Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

The pace of economic growth has started to moderate

September 2017


While the province continues to recover from the recession, the pace of growth has started to moderate. Job gains have stalled after making significant headway in the first half of the year, but retail sales and residential construction continue to improve. Activity in conventional oil and gas remains solid; however, lower oil prices and production outages earlier in the spring are weighing on the value of goods exports and manufacturing shipments. This month’s InFocus looks at Alberta’s interprovincial trade flows using the latest available data from 2013.

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