Economic highlights

Stay informed about Alberta's economic performance. Get the latest weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly economic highlights for the Province of Alberta.

Economic highlights reports

View presentations and reports that summarize the significant highlights of the Alberta economy, documenting the advantages of locating or operating a business in Alberta.

For the most recent reports, including comparisons of Alberta's economic indicators to those of other provinces and states, see:

Highlights of the Alberta Economy Presentation cover imagePresentation - November 2015 (PDF, updated three times a year)

Highlights of the Alberta Economy Report cover imageReport - August 2012 (PDF, updated annually)

For more information on Alberta’s economic highlight reports, contact Jan Reurink, Economic Information and Analytics, Alberta Economic Development and Trade

Weekly economic review

In addition to the weekly economic review, Alberta Treasury Board and Finance offers other economic and statistical reports on economic trends, the labour market, demographic statistics, economic outlooks and more. Please see the Economy and Statistics page of the Alberta Treasury Board and Finance website to access these reports.

Facts about Alberta

You can review facts and statistics on doing business and living in Alberta by reading:

Facts on Alberta report cover imageFacts on Alberta (PDF, January 2014)

Alberta Economic Quick Facts

For a general economic overview of the province, download:

Quick FactsAlberta Economics Quick Facts (PDF, October 2015).