Regulatory benchmarking

Province of Alberta Business Regulatory Benchmarking Report: Quality of Business Regulation - January 2013

The study examines ten aspects of business regulation, from start-up to wind-up, that are commonly encountered by a wide range of companies in Alberta and other jurisdictions. It considers five aspects of regulatory quality:

  • clarity and communication,
  • consistency and coordination,
  • regulatory effectiveness,
  • operational efficiency and timeliness, and
  • regulatory revision.

The study findings are based on the “expert assessment” of legal, economic and industry specialists based in Alberta and three other benchmark jurisdictions – British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Survey participants provided quantitative ratings, using a seven-point scale. They also provided qualitative comments about each jurisdiction’s strengths and weaknesses, plus recommended areas for attention.

For questions about this report, please contact Toby Schneider, Exective Director of Policy and Information for Alberta Economic Development and Trade