Help for Employers

Supporting your workforce

Alberta is filled with skilled, experienced, trained and educated workers, in diverse untapped labour pools. The Government of Alberta is committed to supporting you with finding the workers you need and provides training and employment programs that connect Albertans to jobs today, and prepare them for the jobs tomorrow.

We understand that as our economy changes, so too will your strategies for workforce planning, recruiting, and hiring. Explore each of the sections below and get information and resources to strengthen your workforce.

Workforce Planning

Find out how workforce plans and understanding labour market information will help you maximize your recruitment efforts.

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Labour Recruitment

Explore available labour pools and get tips on how to find labour in Alberta and Canada.

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Employee Retention

Find effective recruitment and retention resources for employers, and strategies to retain your new worker.

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Help and Resources

Learn about rules and regulations surrounding employment. Get a better understanding of workers in Alberta.

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