Laws and Regulations

There are laws and regulations that apply to all employers in Alberta. A great place to start is to take a look at An Employer's Guide to Employment Rules. This guide provides an overview of the employment legislation you, your managers and your accounting staff need to know.

To expand on the resources provided in the guide, here’s an in-depth list of additional regulations and codes applying to employers regulated by provincial occupational health and safety standards:

Additional Regulations and Codes

Regulation Description
Employment Standards Code and Regulation  To ensure that worksites are fair and equal, there is a set of laws and regulations that most employers must abide by including hours of work, minimum wage, holiday pay, and overtime hours.
Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and Code  A list of laws governing health and safety in Alberta’s workplaces including work alone, dealing with serious injuries and accidents, and hazardous materials
Apprenticeship and Industry Act  Provides the framework for the apprenticeship and industry training system, and regulates who can work in compulsory certification trades
Human Rights Act Ensure that the workplace is free from discrimination in all aspects of the employment process such as recruitment, promotions, assignments, and termination of employment.
Employer Compliance (TFW)

The set of specific requirements to hire foreign workers to ensure their workers continue to uphold Temporary Foreign Worker Program conditions.

Personal Information Protection Act The laws surrounding the use and disclosure of personal information
Workers’ Compensation Act Describes the policies and procedures for employers dealing with workplace injuries and supporting return to work for employees.
Labour Relations Code Explains the legislation that covers labour relations in the province, with specific resources for certain sectors.
Tobacco Reduction Act  Includes a list of laws on tobacco use in and around the workplace

In addition you may find the following information on federal laws to be useful:

Occupations in the following areas fall under federal jurisdiction and are not covered by Alberta’s Employment Standards Code:

  • interprovincial trucking
  • federal Crown corporations
  • broadcasting
  • chartered banks
  • grain elevators
  • air transport
  • feed and feed mills
  • federal government employees
  • rail and water transport
  • interprovincial pipelines
  • work directly or on behalf of First Nations

The following resources can provide more information on occupational health and safety standards for these areas: