Research Your Industry

When planning your workforce, it is important to understand how your business fits into Alberta’s economy and where to find the talent with the right skills for your business.

Alberta’s Economy

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade produces regular reports on Alberta’s economy. Discover more about the current state of Alberta’s economy and access important indicators that may help you and your business succeed.

Recruitment Conditions

Researching recruitment conditions for your business will help you better understand where to find the workers that you need. Alberta’s diverse economy and geography makes for distinct recruitment conditions in every region.

During times of high unemployment it may be difficult to find the right talent that has the special training or education needed. The first step in understanding your local recruitment conditions is to familiarize yourself with labour market information (LMI) and how this information may impact your business.

Alberta’s Industries

Alberta is fueled by numerous industries. Below are profiles of Alberta industries that may help you with your workforce planning decisions. Each report will provide you with:

  • business environment
  • industry growth
  • facts, trends and outlook
  • human resources profiles

Industries in Alberta

    ABC Industries

    Industry Workforce Partnerships Officers

    The Government of Alberta’s Partnerships Officers are located in Edmonton and Calgary and work with provincial employer associations and large provincial employers. They provide support in connecting you with tools and resources to help with recruiting, retaining and adapting the workforce. Contact your Industry Workforce Partnerships Officer through email at