Recognizing International and Domestic Qualifications

Internationally trained Albertans and immigrants can bring a wealth of skills and knowledge to your workplace. A Canadian born individual who is internationally educated may have a blend of homegrown advantage and cultural experience that can boost innovation, help employers access new markets, and bring new perspectives to your business.

International Qualification

The International Qualifications Assessment Service supports you in making hiring decisions for internationally educated applicants by comparing the candidate's credentials with education standards in Canada. IQAS also offers International Education Guides which provides comprehensive information on the education systems in 13 countries.

As an employer, you can quickly determine if applicants with IQAS assessments match your hiring needs, as well as confirm the authenticity of their credentials.

The Foreign Qualification Recognition (FQR) Unit of Alberta Labour works with a wide range of partners, including professional regulatory organizations, employers, immigrant-serving organizations and education institutions. They have supported employers and other stakeholders in developing the tools and resources they need to support the integration of internationally trained Albertans into the workforce.

Domestic Qualification

The Government of Alberta has signed two domestic trade agreements that contain sections that support the movement of certified/licensed workers in regulated occupations and regulated trades.

Both agreements contain labour mobility provisions that allow certified workers in regulated trades and occupations to practice their occupation anywhere in Canada without further education, training or assessment requirements. Labour mobility facilitates the quick entry of certified workers to labour markets across Canada. As an employer, you should ensure that workers in regulated occupations you hire, are certified in Alberta by a regulatory body.

For more information on what Labour Mobility might mean for you, please visit Alberta Labour Mobility Unit.