STEP 2018 Program Eligibility

The following organizations can apply to receive STEP funding:

Eligible Employers Positions/Year
Small businesses excluding franchises and corporately owned chains (1-49 employees) 3
Non-profit organizations 3
Public Libraries 1
School boards (Public, Separate, Francophone) 2 - 5*
Municipalities, First Nations, and Métis Settlements 2 - 40*
Publicly funded post-secondary institutions in Alberta 10 - 35*
* Number of STEP allocations is based on size and scope of organization. See the STEP Guidelines for details.

Ineligible Employers

  • Federal or provincial governments, including legislative assembly and constituency offices
  • Political parties and organizations that are affiliated with a party or group with a political mandate
  • Medium (50 - 499 employees) and large (500+ employees) sized businesses
  • Franchises and corporately-owned chains
  • Publicly funded organizations including but not limited to emergency services (e.g. police, firefighters, etc.) and health care providers (e.g. hospitals, long-term care facilities, etc.)
  • Provincial or federal Crown agencies, boards, and commissions or corporations

Student eligibility

  • At least 15 years of age
  • A Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or protected person under the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and legally entitled to work and study in Canada.
  • International students and Temporary Foreign Workers are not eligible for STEP.
  • Resides and/or attends school in Alberta with an Alberta address¬†
  • Returning to high school or a post-secondary institution no later than November 1.
  • Must be enrolled in a program that will result in a Certificate, Diploma, or Degree. Technical training for Apprenticeship is not eligible
  • Is available for full-time summer employment
  • Participates in only one STEP position during the summer
  • Not currently employed in the organization
  • Not immediately related to the owners or staff responsible for hiring in the organization

Check the STEP Guidelines for complete criteria. Application forms are found here.