Develop your STEP Student

Check out these resources to help you find, develop and retain your STEP student.

Employer resources

Why you should consider hiring a STEP student

Although STEP students can be of any age older than 15, most will be young. They represent a large pool of available workers who are enthusiastic and technology savvy. They often are accustomed to multi-tasking, are at home with cultural diversity, and attuned to the latest market research trends – all of which make them ideal candidates for growing your workplace. Targeting youth for job openings may require some changes in your hiring process, but may also result in some great new employees now and in the long term. Find attraction and retention tips here.

Attracting staff in rural Alberta

Finding a student to fill your STEP position may take longer than expected and require some alternative recruiting practices. Find suggestions on how to promote your position by leveraging local agencies and accessible online job boards that target students in your region and beyond. Attracting Staff in Rural Alberta Tip Sheet.

How to take your new hire from orientation to integration

A good orientation is critical in ensuring your STEP student starts off on the right foot. In addition to getting paperwork completed, a good orientation will instill confidence and motivation in your new employees and provide them with the information and tools they need to be successful in the job, integrate with their coworkers, and contribute to the organization. Find relevant tips and a convenient orientation checklist here.

Consider including a copy of X-treme Safety in your orientation package. It’s a ‘survival guide’ that will provide your STEP student with information about workplace health and safety regulations, and workplace rights and responsibilities. Order free copies of X-treme Safety.

MyWorkQuest is a web portal that helps youth transition to the workforce, providing answers to commonly asked questions about the workplace and careers. You may wish to link your STEP student directly to the Success on the Job category.

How to be an effective mentor

Your wisdom, knowledge, experience and connections could be used to further the career direction of a STEP student. A good relationship with a mentor can make a positive difference in a person’s career by setting an example of professionalism to strive for, and providing them with a focus on future career direction and advancement. Learn more about how to become an effective mentor.

Eight great ways to develop your employees

You have already invested time into advertising, interviewing and hiring your STEP student. Ensuring that your new employee is well trained will set you both up for success. There are cost effective ways to develop your employees, from orientation and on-the-job training to mentoring to providing job aids. Here are eight great ways to develop your employees.

Bridging the generation gap at work

Most workplaces have employees that represent several generations – each have been shaped by a different set of experiences and values. When co-workers have trouble getting along, the gaps or differences between their generations may be contributing to the problem. It’s worth making the effort to understand why your workers display certain generational characteristics, help them recognize and respect their differences, so they can close the gap and learn from each other. Find out what defines each generation and what motivates them. Learn more about Bridging the Generation Gap at Work.