FAQ - For international business

How do I set up a business in Alberta, and what are the applicable procedures and regulations?

How to invest in Alberta outlines the factors investors and entrepreneurs should consider when looking to invest or establish a business in Alberta.

This information is provided as a guideline only; a lawyer or other professionals should be consulted where appropriate.

What rules are in place for foreign investors?

Non-Canadians who acquire control of an existing Canadian business or who wish to establish a new Canadian business must file a notification or an application for review of their business investment. See Industry Canada for answers to frequently asked questions about the Investment Canada Act.

What incentives are available to investors in Alberta?

Alberta has a business friendly environment. Alberta has:

  • One of the most competitive business tax environments in North America.
  • Support for businesses in areas such as research and development, technology commercialization and access to capital.
  • Low personal taxes that attract and retain skilled workers.
  • A young and educated workforce.

Reasons to invest in Alberta describes the benefits to investors who choose Alberta.

Where can I find information about financing?

There are many financing options that businesses in Canada can choose from to raise capital. Business owners should also be aware of the legislation and regulations that govern business financing.

What services are offered by the international offices? Is there a cost associated with these services?

Alberta's international offices in Asia, Europe and North America promote the business interests of Alberta companies and support local companies exploring business opportunities in Alberta.

Services offered to local market businesses include:

  • Information on Alberta companies and products
  • Information on Alberta's economy, taxes and regulations
  • Assistance connecting to Alberta suppliers of products, services and technologies
  • Counselling for prospective investors on opportunities in Alberta
  • Assistance in developing tailored agendas for business trips to Alberta

Services offered to Alberta businesses include:

  • Market studies, market research reports and market intelligence on opportunities for selected products and services
  • Consulting on local business practices and advice on language and culture
  • Identification of potential business partners and business introductions
  • Arrangements for meetings and interpreters
  • Information and assistance in complying with government trade laws and regulations

These services are offered to businesses free of charge. For more information about the services provided by these offices, please see our list of international offices.

Where can I find advice on how to conduct a business visit to Alberta?

Contact the Government of Alberta's trade and investment staff for advice about conducting a business visit to Alberta. Information is divided by geographic region: 

 Services include:

  • Help building a visit itinerary
  • Help to set up meetings with relevant industry associations and Alberta companies
  • Advice on Alberta business customs

Alberta's international offices in Asia, Europe and North America are also available to help local companies as they prepare to visit Alberta.

Where can I find information on investment projects and opportunities in Alberta?

Alberta government and industry leaders have developed key business development initiatives in several Alberta industries.

The Inventory of Major Alberta Projects lists major development projects in Alberta valued at $5 million or more that are planned, currently under construction or recently completed. Project data is obtained from public information sources.

CoolNet Alberta lists construction-related business opportunities.

How can I find an investment partner in Alberta?

Alberta's industry associations are a great way to connect with local companies.

Industry directories are available to help you locate an Alberta business:

How can I bring staff to Alberta from outside of Canada?

Canadian employers can hire foreign workers temporarily. Employers can also offer a full-time job to a skilled worker and support their immigration to Canada.

Employers interested in hiring temporary foreign workers are required to go through a specific process to bring them to Alberta. The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is a federal program that is designed to meet temporary labour needs.

International companies establishing an operation in Alberta can transfer employees on a temporary basis from their operations elsewhere in the world through an intra-company transfer.

More information is available at Alberta’s official immigration website and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.